Sunday, July 12, 2009

About that figuring it all out

Hi everybody it's me again. I am at work and looking at wedding stuff and thought that I would post again. This blogging is turning into a bad habit. Not nearly as bad as some people but yeah I do it a lot. So for the past 3 months or so Beth and I have been living together and man this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I never had to really share a living space with someone like this and the adjustment is definitely different. Throughout college I had a roommate for one year and then I was an RA so I had the room to myself and did as I pleased. When I was growing up I shared a room with my brothers but let's be honest I was in charge and I told my brothers how things were going to go and still did as I pleased because I was the oldest. On top of trying to adjust to another person and there likes and dislikes, throw in Murdock and the wedding plans and it is enough to make your head spin.

Now the reason I bring this up is because I have been acting like jackass for a while. Looking back at the past three months I feel really bad. I have not been the most courteous person in the world and it is taking a lot longer to think about how the things I do in the house effect Beth but I am getting there. I feel bad mostly because Beth is so stressed beyond imagination. Between the wedding plans and getting stuff figured out, making sure we get bills taken care of, family and house things that come up, dealing with my absent-mindness (sometimes), etc. It can be a real pain. So I have been trying a whole heck of a lot harder as of late to help her out and take care of things. I don't work near as much as she does so I try keeping the house in order and running any errands she needs done during the day. I also have been trying to help with the wedding planning and money management stuff but there is only so much that can be done there. I hope that doing the little things will be a help to her and she can feel a little more at ease.

The point of this whole post is two-fold. First I am realizing the wrong in my ways and I am trying to make amends for it. This sounds corny and sappy but I honestly feel like a different and changed person (in a good way) and am 100% invested in making sure this marriage, nest, relationship, and anything else we are involved in works like a well running machine and that we have as few bumps as possible. I know I can be a jerk and right now is definitely not the time to be one. We need to work together like we have done so well in the past and we will be OK. Second I want to give Beth all the credit in the world that she deserves and then some. As stated before she is stressed out and doing way more than she has to but she does it anyways. I am very grateful to have her in my life and wish I could've been more of a help from the beginning. But at least I realized my bad ways and am trying to change. I know things will work out and we can both be better for it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here we go, look alive!

So I noticed that neither Beth nor I have posted on here lately so I figured I would take the time to do so. I thought since I am bored at work that this is how I will let the time go by. So I figured I would dedicate this post to Murdock.

I have been home during the day with him and then I go to work and Beth comes home. But the reason I state this is because is the large amounts of time I have spent with him he has done some of the funniest things I have ever seen a dog do. So there is no purpose to this post but to maybe make you life or at least smile. I know I do just thinking about what he does. So here we go:

These are in no order whatsoever

Incident #1-(I don't think Beth has heard the whole story) Two weeks ago I was attempting to paint the kitchen (that's not the funny part). I had everything cleared and covered in drop cloths and was getting ready to paint. Well there was one problem I thought a white dog with green paint was not a good mix so I put a barrier in the hall way to keep him out of the kitchen. So I am in the kitchen painting and I have the can open and poured out so I can roll it. I hear the phone ring and had to grab it. Murdock saw that I could walk over the barrier and figured he could to. So he hopped a 3 foot high barrier and went into the kitchen. I come back and his head is in the paint bucket and he was drinking the paint. So I yell at him and run to get the paint from him and he pulls his head out and has green all over. To make things worse he starting running in the kitchen to get away from me. Well his traction in the kitchen is bad and with the cloth down it was worse. So I have this green-headed dog running and slipping and sliding and pulling up all the cloth in the kitchen getting paint everywhere while all I wanted was to clean him up. To make it worse he forgot how he got in there so we kept going in circles in the kitchen. I was ticked and laughing at the same time because anyone watching from the outside would think that this is the dumbest thing they had ever seen and I would've agreed. In the end I got a hold of him and cleaned him up but then spent the next 45 minutes reorganizing and making sure there was no paint on the floor or table.

Incident #2-One morning Beth and I decided to sleep in and Murdock didn't like that. We were warm so the comforter was sitting on the floor at the edge of the bed. He proceeded to sit on the end of the bed and bark at us. I sat up and he started to back up. The problem is there was nothing to back up on. He continued barking and backed up right off the bed on to the floor. It was funny to witness but might not be funny to you.

Incident #3-I decided to take Murdock when I went running in the morning. He knew what his leash meant and was excited to go out. So we went on a little less than a mile jog and when we got back he was beat. I got myself a drink of water and so did he. Murdock then went into the living room and crashed on the floor. I thought I would reward him and went to give him a milk bone. I called him and wouldn't come to me so I went into the living room and he wouldn't even look at me. I held the milk bone and he wouldn't acknowledge it. So I put in on the floor and jumped in the shower. I then came out of the shower and sat on the couch. He proceeded to get up and go into the other room. About 4 hours later he finally acknowledged me. I am pretty sure he was mad at me. I got a kick out of it.

Incident #4-Another running one. As we were running one day, Murdock was being his hyper self and running in diagonals on the side walk. I know if you ever tried running behind a dog doing this my suggestion is don't. For the whole mile or so we jog he tripped me and I fell flat on my face 3 or four times. The best part is that I run in the neighborhood and the neighbors would be getting the paper or going to work and would see this big guy lumbering down the sidewalk and get taken out by a 30 pound dog. I guess he got me back for the first time I took him running. But for the record he loves going running with me now and the one day I didn't go he whined all day so Beth and I went for a walk later that day.

Incident #5-So Murdock and wildlife do not get along. One morning he was at the back door barking and I went to let him out. I put him on he leash and he tore out the back door. I look up and there is a rabbit in the yard...wonderful. he chased the rabbit and when he ran out of line broke his leash off and continued to chase it. We have this big bushes in the back yard and on the other side is a parking lot to a hospital outpatient center. Well I was thinking oh crap and went after him. Now picture this you are parking your car and getting out to go to work or a doctors appointment and you look to your right and out of the bushes comes this guy in his boxers and all he says is "I am getting my dog". And I swear Murdock has a smirk on his face, if he could, and was laughing his butt off because when I got on the parking lot he was just sitting there looking at me with that "what's up Tom" kind of an attitude.

Incident #6-Another wildlife one. I was cleaning in the kitchen one morning and I hear Murdock barking. It was a mean bark but the bark he does when he is playing. So I walk out into the backyard to see what is going on. When I get out there I find Murdock standing on top of a seagull! He wasn't biting it or clawing at it but standing on it barking at it. I yelled at him and he got off and the bird flew away. I went back into the house thinking wtf?

Incident#6-Rabbits again. So I was in the back yard doing yard work and Murdock was chilling under the patio chairs to stay out of the sun. A rabbit comes out of the bushes and Murdock is eyeing this thing as it hops across the yard. I am sitting thinking great he's going to kill this thing. So he springs into action and goes after it. He gets near it and swiped its back legs out from underneath it and the rabbit ended up on it's back. The funny part is that he jumps in the air to pounce on the thing and how he looked in the air had me rolling on the floor laughing. He was in the most awkward position and the rabbit had time to flip over and take off. When Murdock came down he was all mad and turned around and started barking at me like it was my fault.

Incident #7- OK so I had to get up early for work yesterday and I realized I was freezing in our room. When I looked at the blanket I realized it was around my waist and I tried pulling it up but couldn't. Side note: Murdock hates being under or wrapped up in blankets. So I look and he is at the bottom of the blanket stuck because the sheet was tucked in is Murdock. So I am watching him flip out because he can't get out and I am trying to pull on the blanket. Eventually he gets out and runs into the living room and stayed there until I came out. Sometimes I question his intelligence.

Incident #8- Alright so I was playing with Murdock and his tug-o-war rope. He was getting frustrated because I wouldn't let go of my end. He kept stopping and barking and I wouldn't budge. So I was watching TV and still holding on to the rope. Well he was pulling and pulling and let go he ran around the coffee table behind me and nipped me! I jumped and let go of the rope and he ran under the table snagged his rope and left. No that was smart on his part.

Incident #9-So one morning I hear Murdock rustling in the back yard. I go out there and he has my charcoal bag and is shaking the bag in the yard and briquettes are going everywhere. I go out there clean it up and hide it under yard tools. He goes moves the tools takes the bag and does it again. I discipline him and then bring him in. Well he decided the take this long stick looking toy he as and start shaking his help and the stick. Well Beth had neatly stacked all our boxes and stuff from our shower the day before and now Murdock was knocking all of the over. I yelled at him picked the stuff up and as I was doing that he grabbed a gift bag full of tissue paper and other gift bags a proceeded to shake that until everything was out of the bag and then proceeded o trot to the corner of the living room and chill out and watch me clean it all up.

These might not be too funny to you but I chuckle every time I think about any of them. In talking to Beth last night I think she nailed it on the head. It is only fitting that we got a dog who has just as much of an attitude as we do. he is so smart, sometimes he is too smart, and he knows what he is doing when he is doing it. I am very glad we have him and can't imagine who would abandon a dog like that. For those who don't know when he was very young his previous owner took him to a vet to get dewormed and never came back for him. He then was placed at a high kill shelter and then the adoption agency found him. We then found him and brought him home. I have a feeling he loves us and we love him. I kid about his being a pain and a dummy but really he is just a baby and is hyper, curious, and too smart for his own good. Hopefully you enjoyed this and I will try to update you with any other funny Murdock stories. Later!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Newest Addiction.

Would you believe me if I told you I was addicted to something?

Would you believe me if I told you that I was addicted to something that's good for you?

And free?

Still believe me?

I can't lie any longer.

I love water. Plain, cold water.

Within the last two months, I've made it my goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I know it sounds daunting, especially for those of you who don't drink much water to begin with.

I was once a minimal water drinker, but I overcame, and so can you.

It's unbelievable the difference I began seeing in just a week of increasing my water intake. Almost instantly, I was less hungry. My skin was more hydrated, too (I used to put on hand lotion once or twice daily at work because it would be so dry -- lately -- once a week, if I remember!). Coupled with my effort to eat less and exercise more, I was losing weight -- not just a pound or two, but noticeable weight loss.

I'm sure there were more benefits that I don't realize, but that is what I saw quickly, and that was enough to make me a believer.

The secret?

I keep a 1 liter water bottle at my desk at work. I fill it up in the morning and try to drink it before lunch (4 cups). After lunch, I refill it, and try to drink it before I leave (another 4 cups). This way, I can still indulge in a soda during lunch or coffee in the morning, and not worry, because I've already gotten my 8 cups. Any extra water I drink (especially during workouts) is just icing on the cake. Lately, I find that 8 cups just isn't enough for me anymore. Now, I find myself drink 9-10 on a daily basis, and still getting thirsty at night!

Did you know that the less water you drink, the more water weight you have? Ironically, the more water you drink, the more water your body wants to shed, helping you lose weight. Once your body starts consistently getting enough water, it feels secure enough to start shedding the excess, helping you lose the water weight. If you're not getting enough, or not consistent with your water intake, your body clings to any water that enters your body, for fear of not having enough.

Makes sense to me. I'm a believer.

Honestly, give it a try. Keep 8 pennies on a counter, a windowsill, or at your desk. Each time you drink a glass, move a penny to a second stack. It's a simple visual reminder that also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Report back with your water drinking, stat. Trust me, in weeks, you'll be singing its praises, too!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

$10 Custom Doormat -- Genius!

How stinkin' cute is this doormat?

(via DIY geniuses over at Imperfect, who I believe copied this from Martha...)

For about $10, they snazzed up their old doormat into something cute and personalized.

I'll be storing this in the back of my mind until I find some time to attempt it...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mastering the Master...

With wedding details winding down and a whole, practically empty home just waiting to be "Bethified," I'll occasionally be showcasing plans for our decor renovation.

Our new place is really spacious, has some great vaulted ceilings, gorgeous oak mouldings and woodwork, and just needs some new paint and furnishings. We actually bought all the paint before we even had keys to the place! :)

We're moving at a slow pace in actually getting things done, but, as anyone who knows me can guess, the ideas for design are already planned in my head.

Without further ado, I present to you the first of many "Inspiration Boards," a culmination of pictures that showcase what we have and what we want, in order to demonstrate a mood or theme for a particular room.

This is for our Master Bedroom. The room is relatively large, has high vaulted ceilings and a huge picture window on the West side. We already have our furniture -- a complete set of gorgeous cherry furniture. We have a cherry four-poster queen bed, 2 nightstands, a long dresser with two attached mirrors, a highboy, and a cheval standing mirror.

The walls will be a Robin's Egg Blue (Coastal Blue by Grand Distinction, if I'm not mistaken). White will be the overall accent, with long white curtains flanking the picture window, a crisp, fluffy white duvet on the bed that will pop against the dark red wood, and a few white decor elements. The chair will sit in the corner under the window as a quiet reading spot for me. I love the graphic print against all the other solid, mellow objects in the room. The small white birds, a quickie birthday present to myself, will be displayed on a small white shelf above the chair, accenting the bird print in the chair itself. We'll get similar lamps to sit on each nightstand. They flow with the room, but still add an interesting element themselves. The candles mimic the lamps, and will be placed in clusters on top of the dresser, as well as in the attached master bath to help link the rooms (more on that room later!). I'm commissioning a custom piece of artwork for the room, which will remain a surprise and be showcased later! It will be centered above the bed and will anchor all the different elements, and bring a personal touch to it all.

The overall feel for the room is calm and relaxing, with a sophisticated and slightly earthy tone. I absolutely CANNOT wait for this room to be completed, because I know that this will quickly become my absolute favorite! Completed pictures at a later date!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Am I Sure I Want To Marry This?: Part 1,251,503

Whenever I see a picture of Tom with his thumb up and his tongue hanging out, I always question the sanctity of our impending marriage.

Tom has been blogging about his Colorado trip the entire time as part of a project (though he failed to tell me this until yesterday!). It's a group blog, so please refrain from commenting there --- leave 'em here.

Colorado May Term blog

Friday, May 29, 2009

On Top of Old Smokey...

Tom sent me this picture from the top of Pike's Peak yesterday...

When they started the trek up, they were at 7,000 ft. above sea level. At the summit of the mountain, they were at 14,000. He said they went from average weather to lower than thirty-one degrees, and this picture was taken at the edge of a cliff with a 3,500 foot drop off! Eek!